How to Delete Outbox DBX

DBX files are database files used with Microsoft Outlook Express. The files contain all the messages in a single Outlook Express (OE) folder. These files are stored in the "Store" folder. Within this folder, there is a DBX file for each corresponding folder in OE. The outbox represents emails that you have composed, but have yet to send. Deleting the outbox database is just a matter of locating the "Store" folder.


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      Open Outlook Express. Select "Tools" > "Options." Select the "Maintenace" tab of the "Options" window. Click "Store Folder."

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      Copy the file path listed. This is the location of the Store Folder, which houses the DBX files.

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      Open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to the copied file path.

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      Locate the Outbox .dbx file. Right-click the file and select "Delete."

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