Web design FAQ`s

How long does it take to complete a Website?

We try to work according to your schedule and before deciding a deadline we take into account the scope of work and your urgency to get the website up and running. In normal circumstances a simple website should take around 3 – 4 working weeks, whereas a more complex website can take approximately around 5 – 6 working weeks. However please note that an accurate timeline can only be provided once your requirements are communicated and a job scope is prepared by the Project Manager.

I would like to engage your Aman Corp web design services, what do i do next?

To avail our Web design service in Bahrain, you will have to register/provide your domain name to us and give us a summary of your requirements and expectations from the website you indent to create. The next step would be to create an initial design of the website pages as per your requirements. We will rectify, review and edit the pages unless and until you are satisfied with the end results. Once you we have all the images and written content, we will start designing the final version of your website.

Do I need to buy a domain name and hosting?

You won’t need to purchase the domain or hosting as we have our own high availibilty cloud servers. You can let us know the domain name that you’d prefer and we will register it for you. Please note that domain names are subject to availability.

How do I get listed in Google?

Your website will be submitted to all the popular search engines likes Google, DMOZ and Yahoo! after its completion.

What is SEO?

In order to get good search engine ranking and more traffic, it is important that your web pages are ‘optimized’. Optimization is based on Meta Tags, which are optimized to ensure that search engines give higher priority to your website than others.

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