Hosted Email - Webmail Link / IMAP /POP details and configuration references

Sign in to webmail

Sign in to the customer's webmail account after creating the mailbox by using the email address as the username and the password that you set above. The sign-in will depend on the email cluster of your reseller account.

Please refer to our complete Webmail guide for more information on how to navigate webmail settings. 

Configure an email client

If the customer wishes to access email via an email client, please have the customer connect  IMAP and SMTP. The mail servers are:

Server settings for Cluster A

Username your email address
Password your email password
IMAP/POP/SMTP hostname or

 Port numbers 

  SSL Enabled SSL disabled TLS
IMAP 993 143 n/a
POP3 995 110 n/a
SMTP 465 8025 25, 587


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